09 November 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

Peter went out of town on Tuesday. Last night Kari came and watched Sidney, Porter and Duncan so I could go to the gym with Robin. How SwEeT is that?
Thanks Kari!
Take time for the one and only Hilary.
How precious time is to each of us and you, my friend gave some of yours.
Kisses to you,
Hils Bils

P.S. Peter might be home on Saturday night.
Good and bad.
Want to scrap book with Kari.
If Peter comes home he would have Mike and Mark with him. They would need to sleep at our place for the night...see where I am going with this.


Kari said...

You're welcome my dear. I would do it again...in a heartbeat.

Would you want to be home with Pete, Mike and Mark on Saturday night or would it be too much to ask to come over to my house instead? We could have the entire basement to spread out. Rebecca could come too!

Nancy said...

I say take Kari up on her offer for Saturday night and let the men fend for themselves while taking care of the kids... but then you will have to clean up after them when you get home. Either way enjoy your time, life is too precious not to be happy. Kari sounds like a great friend... now that is a blessing indeed!

Hilary said...

This morning when my husband called from Moab, I asked him not to come home on Saturday. It will be the first and only time I ask Peter not to come home early from a trip. I might need to do this more....hummmm
I need a little bit(HUGE AMOUNT) of me time. Nothing worng with that.
=) =)

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