07 February 2006

Go Go Grape and Berry Cherry Blast

Peter came home last night...deep breath...I feel the weight of the world lifting off my shoulders. I would not make a very good, single parent.
Go Go Grape and Berry Cherry Blast. Yesterday I leave work, I get the kids, picked up some BBCoa and them came home. I wanted to shower before Peter got home (hmmm). Sidney was sitting in her chair eating (happily) and watching Sherk. I brought Porter over by the bathroom door in his bouncer. Time is running out, I am in a hurray and the next thing I know I am washing my hair with Sidney's shampoo, Berry Cherry Blast...Why stop there and I finished up with the Go Go Grape conditioner. Today as I walk the halls of Sinclair I keep smelling scents of grape and cherry and with every scent (or step I should be saying) I take, it brings a smile to my face, it is the little things in life like Go Go Grape and Berry Cherry Blast can bring a smile to my face. What brings a smile to your face?

I did two lo's with the new paper from Sassafras Lass this last week. I had a great time playing with this paper. It is fun and easy to work with. Great Job Beck. (Thank you Kari for scanning them)!

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