20 January 2006


Thank God It's Friday!!!

This week has been an odd week and it took forever for this day to come. YEA! I want to make every minute count this weekend. Peter has the OR Show or the Outdoor Retailer Show this next weekend and then right after that he leaves for the NBS Show in Ft. Worth, Texas. When these shows come they hit all at once. This will be the first time that I have been alone that long with two children for that long. The OR show is here in SLC but it's like Peter is gone...meaning I don't see him. It was hard when I had one kid and now with two...Well I hope that I make it. It is not me that everyone needs to worry about... IT'S THE CHILDREN!! HA HA TEE HE
I am taking Peter on a date tonight. I am so excited to get out with him. Just the two of us. (I think that is a song) .. Dinner, movier and some beer--who knows maybe I will even get laid. Thank god the only four people that know about this blog is me, kari, my sister Noele and Peter. Love you guys!
Ohh kari--I love that girl--what would I do without you? You make everyday brighter and make me realize that true freinds take care of each other even without knowing it...=)
Here are some lo's I have done of the kids!! Let me know what you think and until Monday...Have one hell of a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There! Well I hope you had a nice evening with Peter and all of your hopes and dreams came true!

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